Thursday, April 22, 2010

Test Ride – Aprilia RS250…!!!

Talk MotoGP Aprilia RS250 ... remembering that until now was still victorious in the MotoGP Aprilia 250cc class .. And by coincidence (it has a soul mate), Aprilia replica version has become the first motor ... i (kok first motor racing circuit ... .. why not a small motorcycle). :)

Aprilia RS250 uses two stroke engine, 249cc, 90 degree V-Twin, liquid cooled. Powernya can reach 78HP. Talk about this RS250 drink, kudu minimum Pertama
x Plus or Shell Super Extra (which got RON 95). That makes him groggy brake fluid is a kudu Dot 5.1 (brake fluid is very rare there, except in Toda Racing). In addition to brake fluid, there's more that makes groggy namely the kudu had Gearbox Oil 75w-90 viscosity. :)

To turn a simple RS250 engine, key in the on position, hold the switch engine is turned on, and kick starter genjot .. direct flame. RS250 only have a kick starter and electric starter is not got. Therefore, the battery was cheap .. 4A disposable. Differences with a Cagiva Mito for example the need for using electric starter 9A. Although using a kick starter, kick starter RS250 very lightly, so entenya using a single hand can. Even more severe kick starter FU150 (maybe if his appeal in a lightweight 30% of his kick starter Fu150 ... imagine a light?).

After the engine flame, temperatures will begin to move from cold to 37 degrees centigrade berbah onwards. I usually wait until 50 degrees celcius new bike ready to use. RS250 has a sixth gear acceleration (deh with the exact same Fu150 ngebayanginnya ... .. let's easy). If the side stand down (indicator lit), then if the first tooth is inserted, automatic machine will die. This is related to safety reason (if not ya lah ... very dangerous).

After the side stand is raised (inactive), and the teeth first entered the throttle ready dibejek. But, be careful if membetot throttle .. I never take it Fu150 Abiz, direct RS250 throttle play betot Gaza .. consequently the motor willie .. (Tuh lift front wheels). Have a steady acceleration, gear one could reach 40 km / h, while second gear can reach 100 km / h. RS250 .. How about stability? Do not ask bro .. 100 km / h is very stable .. as we take a duck second gear speed 30 km / h. 3 teeth and so forth how? Teeth three ever make, but never mbejelk polls .. because the road near the Semanggi Sudirman already Abiz ..

Talk about handling .. well as other sportz bike .. Kudu nikung fall if you want high speed, or kudu search if you want to turn the bow ... If the road tonight, must get used to the lights that adherents to the fairing .. so when the lights turn ... not highlight to the road ..

My only complaint is that when riding RS250 in a state of stress going bad ... .. lho kok could .. ? Yes, because it must at all times Seeing temperature. Based on the experience of each stopped 25-30 seconds, the temperatures will rise 1 degree Celsius. Normal temperature ranges when the road 70-80 degrees centigrade. When it reaches 100 degrees Celsius, getting ready for Geber nyari nih empty road bike but with lower RPM .. can with the gear 3 RPM 5000's. In addition .. if traffic jams .. gonna get ready for tired hands and feet also jagain tuh kudu motor ... (well who ordered the motor ... street circuit on the public road Lage .. too bad ....)