Monday, May 10, 2010

2010 Kawasaki Versys Review

Kawasaki Versys specifications

After Kawasaki Versys first appeared in late 2006, sales were not quite as strong as the Kawasaki hopes, especially after that gathering good reviews.

Marketing people decided that this was because they would claim too much for the bike, suggested at that time shall be in accordance with anyone of the passengers for the Superbike riders.

It's more likely that the limp-looking tongue working against it, and while many motorists became convinced by the large capacity adventure bikes, the middle class version of this "high-rounders" still has some work to do to become fully accepted.

The loser not only a Kawasaki, but the raft riders who will get more than a Versys - and probably for less money - than they ended up buying a bike, because a motorcycle is always a good crack. I, for one, loved it and are happy to live with the Versys as the one my motorcycle, doing-everything.

Now the styling has been revised, while several other changes designed to address aspects of the Kawasaki motorcycle owners say they want to see improvements.

Now look more sharp, aggressive and confident, and less inclined to put people on the bike, and while the designers back on it they change the face of the screen to increase the wind protection and remove with the resonance annoying buzz that can happen in previous versions of the older models.

Some owners complained that suspension is too harsh, so it softened the 2009 version of the old model, and arrangements have been made to 2010, while the new rubber footrests and rear engine mounting rubber insulation has been added to reduce vibration reaching the rider and passenger, pillion also obtained wider seats.

There is a new end cap on the silencer and that was it, and everything works fine.

Sense of the motor is as it looks, tall and thin with a comfortable, ergonomic nature, underscoring why the types of bikes are becoming more and more popular as tourers, in addition to other tasks.

rose upright position this is a good start, offering a good view of the commander to admire the scenery like that to see more from the roof of the car in traffic snarled-up.

The smoothness of the newly discovered at the cruising speed is a boon as well, especially power over anything from 55mph to 80mph, where nothing can pass through barriers intrusive vibration rubber.

There was a small increase in tingles at 4000 rpm on light throttle, but that's of concern.

This new model is significantly smoother than the old one - if nothing else to persuade owners of existing Versys, this alone makes it worth the upgrade.

Continue to produce its new screen as well, creating a wind shadow bigger than before with more smooth air flow, especially up to the highest position where the old is too volatile.

Mirrors are also new and offers a better view, partly because their area is larger at the outer edge but also because they are less blur with vibrations. You can still see the passenger's elbow in it but that's just as well, as the man behind can feel a little difficult.

This chair may be wider, but overall it is still quite short and ridership was perched right at the back with nothing behind to provide support - on the side grab handles and the footrests are too far forward, aggravate the sensation.

A top box will assist in this, but then you can not enter the panniers, which means that the Versys is more suitable for a solo tour.

Additional mass will begin to stretch the ability of a bicycle brake as well. Stopper the solo adequate, with some sharpness to tame them intentionally to terminate the suspension rebounds from a long trip up and down too much when the brakes are often used. With more than their weight requires squeezing hard, so will be eligible for optional ABS.

Go alone down the winding road back, however, and not only brake to work, so is the rest of the bike.

It's nimble enough to throw around easily and where will the suspension soaked up the bumpy roughness with impressive capabilities - it lends to ride a bike excellent quality and speed when erect.

Rotating motor 10 500 rpm past the red line pretty fast bike ready and drive forward, but most owners will let him dwell in the low and mid range where there is enough performance for most situations and throttle response to give real pleasure.

It is important for all-round, 19-liter tank is good for 210 miles or more before the lead, thanks to the real world economy of about 50mpg.

It's unrealistic to go the distance and match the BMW GS (if not a cave-drunk GS Adventure), and soft rider will do better.

Two-up touring, then, is stretching the ability of the bike a little too far, but for other things that are very capable machine, with more than enough capability for most motorists who currently choose to GS. In fact, more obedient in the city and in general the situation closely.

It's also much cheaper, and with Honda Kawasaki to compete with the top spot in the league reliability, no doubt more reliable than German bike as well.

Versys If you missed the first time around, it's really worth seeing a second - that's what gave the Kawasaki, so hopefully it will register on the radar more riders. Via: Kawasaki Versys Review