Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ways to pull more powerful warrior

want modifications to the warrior, but could not know how. . . . ? ? ? ?
gini way, TPI depends slera first lu
want to bike in the menarikin want kencengin what it looks.
There gw nich ways in order to become warriors motor like that.
so ...??
klo want kenceng there's a few things:
knight of the standard machine, the machine has been powered with 150cc intake,
klo lu Blom satisfied with the pull of it, you can replace the pilot jet size
17.5 pilot jets usually standard size 12.5 is usually klo knight long run
will mbrebet. with 17.5 instead pull the pilot jet will be more stable
such as increased from 150cc to be 165cc.
aja bozz guns only that, klo lu motor into the garage mainstays like
Youngest, GMS, BMS Mantep bnged tuh. klo need motor aja lu in regular matches.
sgitu scraped aja, dah so Mantep running motor, how klo in
a full match, 180cc intake so stable - 215cc. do not believe it?
try it yourself, but lu matches in the workshops that I wrote above tuh.
klo then also on the road with a stable, or klo ska usually lun
track racing short / long, familiarize handlebar lu pake aja standards.
klo lu okay the problem handlebar clamp, fitted on a star Myspace, lu kegok becomes.
or pas lu slaves * standing, so much narrower handlebar position to hand
lu. klo occurred fell, handlebar going on lu the abdomen, which occurs will lu
nyesek. in watching the crowds. so i suggest you familiarize handlebar okay short,
unless klo lu lu want BWA girlfriend what a walk, okay let more style handlebar
flops. but according gw klo's okay handlebar clamp, I had to play a more fitting
muter back, hand position so crooked, so hard beloknya. that's
gw experience, according lu klo could you, yaudah ....

klo want attractive appearance to a few things:
now, most of saria wearing tires with alloy wheels and also the radius of
mostly using TDR-RACING wheels & RIDE IT.
lu tuh okay passable size tires with rims 215 TDR-RACING.
plus replace with standard exhaust muffler is now commonplace
AHRS, HRP, Yoshimura. tuh steady voice, then also affect
attraction anyway. most of the exhaust like that, neck muffler
in order to cut a little shorter than it looks. or more also
again the standard exhaust, removable filter therein, to make herself as
bobokan voice. Mantep again tuh ...
body is also more stable then again, the original striping off tuh same lu
striping head. replaced with sticker paper. Mantep tuh ...
klo there's more capable mantepnya again, body lu AIR Brush.
roughly the price of starting a jt - 20jtan.
plus iron in iron-tuh motor that it is black, chrome lu.
SWING ARM kayak, handle, STAP, TRIANGLE DOWN & UP, AUTHENTIC Stang, and others.
continue to replace tuh with Footstep (congkel teeth).
Another variation according klo gw aja add the hell alone.
questions I believe the kids today on creating modifications.